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01 January 2013

Well construction in Ethiopia

School Info

  • Constructing wells in Ethiopia
  • Digging irrigation systems in Chad
  • Installing filtration systems in Cambodia
  • Shipping filtration tablets to Afghanistan
  • Providing education in Laos

Welcome to St. Lester University 

It is our pleasure to introduce you to a wonderful opportunity to obtain your Christian degree or certificate of  ministry in an online  friendly environment.

"Enjoy taking classes in the comfort of your own home."

Enjoy the flexibility of doing all your courses online  through our distance education program. It is tailored to meet all your ministry needs whether you are going  into full-time ministry or if you are  looking to learn more about the Kingdom of God.

With the rising gas prices and the high cost of living many are seeking more affordable education programs. Online education provides the tools and the affordability to ensure that each student will reap immediate benefits upon graduation.

"Do you want to go into full time ministry but lack the credentials?  We can help launch you into your ministry today!"

This program will not only help you get the credentials that you need in the ministry but we will be there to assist you even after graduation through ongoing prayer and counseling. This is not just a school but a lifetime relationship.

Get started today by selecting the type of degree program you are interested in pursing. You can view our online degree programs by going to our website menu and selecting either "Bible College", "Prophetic School", or "Apostolic School"


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Course II Full Gospel Fundamentals...


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